Anglerfish is a female NightWing/SeaWing hybrid and the sister of Deathseer, Shadowmelter and the adoptive sister of Peacewielder. She currently attends Jade Mountain Academy and is Glamorous' clawmate.


Anglerfish is a dark blue NightWing/SeaWing hybrid with light blue eyes, a NightWing's forked tongue and light blue SeaWing aquatic scales all over her body, unlike Deathseer's.

She has large, white-dappled wings that resemble the night sky and wears a silver necklace lined with sapphires, and an armband containing skyfire, preventing anyone from reading her mind. Unlike any of her brothers she cannot read minds or see the future and is quite jealous of them.


Anglerfish is one of the pranksters of the family, loving nothing more than annoying her brothers. She enjoys hanging out with her best friend and clawmate Glamorous and the two get along very well.

Her pranks and antics usually mean no harm and are completely safe, like exploding colored paper in your face (she says it's called 'confetti', what a fancy name) or replacing the snacks in your pouch with (edible, yet disgusting) snails. Deathseer enjoys her pranks and also enjoys getting her back, to which she usually isn't a good sport about.

Anglerfish is also extremely clever and creative, finding new ways to do things (mainly sneaking weird stuff into her brother's pouch) and making new things and gadgets out of simple, everyday objects. She also has a fully accurate map in her head of pretty much any place she's visited, complete with the best hiding spots and, in some cases, secret entrances.

Tending to think outside the box, Anglerfish is always looking for opportunities or ideas to make her creations unique, although this sometimes leads her to question the instructions or directions others give and follow.

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