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Angelonia is a RainWing dragonet. She has the ability to change the color of her scales, like all RainWings. She usually has her scales a mix of pale and dark violet, much like the flower she was named after. She has average sized wings for a RainWing her age. She has sharp claws and a shorter tail. Her legs are long and slender, which helps with her agility.


Angelonia is sweet and gentle in nature; at least most of the time. Sometimes she will get upset when someone is being mistreated, especially Asteri. She worries that his timid nature will get him into troube. into She is a fun loving dragonet and often has crazy ideas, all for the sake of trying to pass the time. She is caring to all living things and will often take care of dragons or other animals that are sick. She has a strong sense of justice.


Mother: WIP

Father: WIP

BFF: Asteri: Asteri has been her best friend since the first day of school. In the beginning of their relationship, she actually thinks of him as a brother. She takes very good care of him. It isn't until they get thrown into a crazy adventure to save a broken tribe (and potentially the world), that she begins to realize that she harbors romantic feelings for the small NightWing dragonet. She doesn't know why he just let's people pick on him. But, she knows that he is resilient and persistent. For more about this plotline, check out A Dark and Starry Night.

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