fallen angels are blessings dressed like curses, daydreams disguised as nightmares.

Background Information
Creator O.angelzz.o
Image Artist AvalonCat!
Coding Ice
Main Attribute quiet excitement
Elemental Attribute hydrogen
Theme Animal dove
Theme Color white/blueish white
Theme Song Angels -Owl City

Faded -Alan Walker

Character Information
Age 7
Gender Female
Orientation heterosexual
Occupation student
Tribe icewing
Goal become successful and happy in life
Nicknames Ange
Residence icewing kingdom/frequently travels
Relatives tbd
Allies friends
Enemies tbd
Likes cold, ice, guidelines, unpredictability, the Ice Kingdom, logic
Dislikes heat, vinegar, stupid wars, sand that gets everywhere, unreasonable people and things
Powers and abilities frostbreath, seratted claws, endurance
Weapons dagger
Love Interests none
Quote I'm Angel.

>A P P E A R A N C E<

why does how i look matter

Tall. Wiry. Well-built. These could all be used to describe her. She is taller than some of her comrades, though part of it is that she stands straight. Not clearly muscular, as her muscles have more dense than mass.

Pale, pale blue. The palest shade, almost white, but still the blue clings to visibility. This color dominates her scales. Periwinkle a few shades darker are her horns and spine. Almost glowing white, like angel wings. Lighter and a tad purple are her wing membranes, darker than her scales, horns, and spine. Almost glowing like angel wings. The ocean is in her eyes, dotted with pale blue glaciers

>B E H A V I O U R<

not all angels are perfect

Innocent. Sensitive. Delicate. Sweet. Obedient. Precocious. One word couldn't describe her. Letters could not make up her personality. It simply can not be recorded. Yet here I am, trying.

She is curious. Not very good for a dragonet in the IceWing kingdom. She understood this. Kept it quiet. Didn't ask, but thought and found her own answers. She never understood the way dragon minds worked. Either way, she knows what they want.

She is sensitive. Harsh words, cruel scolding, yelling at her- they all crumble her down a little. She doesn't deal badly with critique, only cruelty. You don't see it, but she's breaking down inside.

She dreams. Hoping for a better

She's too blunt. She tries hard to cover it, just to sugarcoat things, but it's very difficult for her, and she sometimes ends up seeming rude or ignorant, when she's not trying too.

She's socially awkward, not understanding what people like to hear and horribly shy because of this. It's difficult for her to understand how others think and she doesn't understand society's expectations. This makes her seem weird to most people.




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