well its kinda hard to summarize this guy :L except saying just read his stuff


unknown he has traveled since the day he hatched, no one has ever known his family and he never speaks of them, he'd rather die then talk about them, he has often made many friends among all tribes and doesnt hide who he is.


Joyful, bursting with energy, can get a bit out of hand when he has an idea he needs to get done, mischievous, caring and gentle, loveable and goofy


Body color- mostly Oranges and reds most of the time until he changes

Horns- they spiral and can change from grey to a dull red  has two small spike like tuffs behind it                                                       

Wings- they are huge and the underside is said to glow like the rising sun to those who have seen it                                                                                                                                         

Tail- often is curled like a rainwings and has often small bursts of bright color flowing through it


Rainwing side- color changing and the prehensile tail Skywing side- exceptional flight skills fire

Hybrid combo- rainbow flame, a flame so powerful it is as strong as Peril's, it glows with the colors of the rainbow and is believed if the stories about him are true, be able to purge corruption and evil from the area the flame hits

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