this may need updating too god okay shhhh

im being forced to make ampersand's page coughs at DAY >(

augahwegawoeighwegweagw uhhh let me find her thing It seems youve met a horrible demise

okay uhhhh mr hippo kinnie likes telling stories i guess, she's a lesbian and wears Flannel and uhhhh based on a clown triggerfish? i think ? i think.

ill work on her later im not very good at Planning.

i also gotta code her and everything else, so give me a minute

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demigirl | 15 | seawing | student + momfriend | lesbian
Creator enigma
Infobox Artist placeholder
Main Attribute long windedness
Theme Song
name - artist
Alias type here
Age 15
Gender female
Orientation lesbian
Tribe seawing
Occupation student

the Mom of the friends

Residence type here
Likes being outside, nature, animals, fish, fishing, telling stories, explaining things, giving advice, the Idea of cooking
Dislikes Bad Adults, being cut off, being ignored, interruptions, sitting still, being disregarded
Allies Shomei, Caterpillar, Laburnum
Enemies absolute Buffoons that try picking on her friends
Love Interest ehehehehahhaehue shes gay
~ appearance
Ampersand's an active teenager, growing up with difficult chores and having to push herself athletically to get things done. She's rather muscular, but does have a sweet tooth and is a bit pudgy. Her tail is curled and shark like and her fins droop to the side. Her wings are long, but too small to fly and are built for swimming.

Obviously more colorful than a typical SeaWing, Ampersand's scales are more similar to that of a clown triggerfish. Her dark scales are freckled with bright yellows on the top, and spots of white on the bottom. Unlike typical SeaWings, with spots all over their bodies that grow, there's certain bands on Ampersand's horns, arms, wings, etc. that can glow at will.</font>

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