"All hail me!"

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Background Information
Creator XxGalaxzzyxX
Main Attribute Popularity
Elemental Attribute Oxygen
Theme Animal Mountain lion
Theme Color Fiery red-orange, burnt sienna (brown)
Theme Song "Fancy" ~Iggy Azalea
MBTI Personality ESFJ (The Consul)
Character Information
Age 4 (dragon-years)
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Student (at Cloudbridge Academy for Hybrids~a school I made up)
Tribe MudWings,SkyWings
Goal To become "even more popular" (if it's even possible), to "try" to become "nicer"
Residence CAFH (Cloudbridge Academy)
Relatives Terrain (MudWing father), Firestone (SkyWing mother)
Allies Her "mean girl squad"
Enemies Everyone she disapproves of
Likes Bossing dragons around, fancy things, richness, glory, praise, when dragons follow her "orders"
Dislikes Everything or anyone that she doesn't like (basically things/dragons that are too "bleh" or "boring"
Powers and abilities Can hold her breath for an hour; firebreath; strong wings for flying: partly fireproof scales
Weapons Fire, claws, teeth
Quote "Ugh, you're too boring."


Amber is a firey red-orange, red, and brown SkyWing-MudWing hybrid. She has orangey-brown scales with fire-red under-wings. Her eyes are a turquoise blue/green. Her scales and spikes on her back are a deep shade of red. Her horns are long and curved, and they are a dark brown with deep red rings. She is thin but very muscular. Her wings are large from her SkyWing descent, and her arms/legs are burly from her MudWing descent.

"Gotta love me!"''


Bossy, mean, in-charge, leader, cool, mischievous... Amber is a very bossy dragon. She is the "Squad Leader" of her friend group. She is the "boss" of everyone, and she orders everyone around. She only likes those who follow her, or those in her group. She doesn't like it when people talk back to her or tell her off, because she believes she is the best and only she is. You can find her sitting with her friends in the library (causing trouble, obviously).

"There's definitely a problem with that...thing."


Amber has is very tough and strong. She may not look it from her thin appearance and seem it from her reputation, but she trains and works out a lot in her free time. She can hold her breath for almost an hour. Her wings are powerful, but not as large as a SkyWing's. Her claws are sharp and painful. Her teeth are very long and pointed, so if she bites you (or even snarls) it's either painful or intimidating. Amber is a medium-sized dragon, but very large compared to her classmates. She can breath fire in large, long plumes of flames, and in one short breath.

"Everyone thinks I'm such a great dragon!"


Amber is four years old. Amber was hatched to Terrain and Firestone. Terrain is her MudWing father, and Firestone is her SkyWing mother. She was hatched in the Sky Kingdom, but kept hidden in a cave. "Full of myself? What you thinking? WORK IN PROGRESS!!!

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