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Altitude's left wing is torn and is barely considered a wing, when she hatched her wing was cut by a Nightwing who killed her parents. Altitude's wings are an orangutan orange and her scales are more lighter.

Her eyes are a pinkish orange that is like starfish orange, she is not the largest dragon but not the smallest either. Altitude wears a black choker with a light red ruby that was enchanted by her.



Despite her wing being ripped, Altitude loves to fly even though she flies kind of crooked but tell her that and you won't be able to talk long.

Altitude is terse and is a hard worker, she likes to get straight to the point. She loves to fight and wants to fight an Icewing,


Altitude was a one clutch egg that was born to 2 Skywings, her father was a teacher, and her mother was a general. Just as Altitude was hatching, a Nightwing was passing by and on unknown orders to kill her mother.

The Nightwing snapped her father's neck, breathed fire in her mother's face and then clawed her eyes and her heart. By the time the battle was over, Altitude had broken out of her shell, the Nightwing noticed her and being even more cruel, e clawed her wing and then flew away.

Altitude grew up on the streets, when she was 12 she found a baby Skywing named Cloud. He grew up with her as her brother and she loves him because to her he really is.


Altitude is an animus so she can enchant things, so far she has enchanted 4 objects. Altitude has the regular Skywing abilities.



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Ra- "He is so competitive and


  • Altitude sings lullabies to help Cloud sleep
  • She's claustrophobic
  • Her original name was going to be Olympia and she was going to have firescales
  • Her favorite color is the color of her eyes
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