Alpine is a quirky but laid-back dragon that is a border patrol. He is quite bored with his job and tired of hearing about the war. He may have a crush on Rime.


Alpine is a pretty average-looking IceWing but with a few unique quirks , with dull ice-blue scales and a darker, greyer underbelly. His wings are unusually large however, giving him a boost in flight. His eyes are a dark black like most IceWings, but his horns and spikes are dark blue. He has a tiny ruff of icicle-spikes behind his ears. He wears goggles when flying.

Alpine is rather well-built, those years of flying leaving him with a fit and strong body. Alpine is quite tall, and, like most Icewings, has serrated claws good for gripping and tearing.


Alpine is quite laid-back and likes to simply glide when flying. However, on the flipside, he loves the feel of wind on his scales and would rather race than simply go on the same course every single day, hence why he got bored with his career as a border patrol. He can be quite distractible and quite rebellious and this has caused him to get in some trouble as this can lead to him disobeying orders. Alpine does take his work decently seriously however, and freaks out when he does spot something near the border.

He is very extroverted, but he has mild anxiety, perhaps due to his father abusing him as a young dragonet to "toughen him up" for the military. Alpine never wanted to be a front-line soldier like his father, and proceeded down a different path. However, the memories are still with him, and he has trouble obeying any "authority figure" out of the fear they would start using and abusing him like his dad did to him.

Other than that though, he is a somewhat well-composed dragon, loving the wind and flying with a decent amount of friends who comfort him when he gets scared.

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