By Heron!

A collab between me and Sora!


(Sora's part)

Alpha is a paler SkyWing with no front legs, the result of being the twin of a fireborn. Her sister, the fireborn, died in the egg, unable to withstand her fire. Some of her sister's fire made her way back into Alpha, but not without a price. The young dragonet's legs had been singed off to stumps in the egg, but scales would regrow over them, making it seem like she never had any in the first place.

It was a horror for her parents to see a bright crimson and dead female in the egg, and a paler red dragonet with no front legs. Unsure, they raised her quite normally, but never quite gave Alpha the attention that a normal dragonet would need. Alpha grew to have a rude and grumpy personality, and would often lash out, more often then any normal SkyWing.

By age six, Alpha's parents were done with her and gave her away to the SkyWing guards, who didn't know what to do with the dragonet. They didn't want to kill her, so they took her to the side of the road, and left her there to be picked up by a travelling MudWing named Jing.

The two quickly became good friends, but Jing knew that the SkyWing would eventually have to go, too. So the MudWing left Alpha to Queen Moorhen, as Jing was her spinner and maid. Alpha wasn't confused by all of this, surprisingly. So she was given to the Dragonets of Destiny and invited into Jade Mountain Academy by age seven, where she has found comfort in Peril, one who is different than her but has the same case.


(BM-Z's part)

Alpha is not a dragon you would call a "ray of sunshine." She's rude and snappy, and a dragon that often makes snarky remarks about you (or your family). She is also quite sarcastic, making a lot of jokes about how "smart" people are. However, Alpha has a noticeable soft spot for Jing and Peril. She snaps on people often, and has almost no friends.

Alpha spends most of her time alone, away from other dragons and dragonets. When she tells you she needs her alone-time, you better flee.


Alpha is rust red with orange-ish sidescales and a lighter underbelly.

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