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Alkira is not normal.

Try as she might, she can't compare to other dragons.

It's like a war inside of her.

The warm, social part of her. The MudWing part, the part that comes out most often.

The cheerful, happy part of her. RainWing, through and through. It's rare, extremely rare, to see those emotions on Alkira's face.


Alkira is what you might call an "EveryWing." She was cursed to be a little part of each tribe as an egg. She has the tail of a NightWing, claws of a SeaWing, one wing of a MudWing, one wing of a SandWing, the body of a RainWing, the head of a SkyWing ,and the eyes of an IceWing. She can't breath fire, ice, or venom, and is deemed "generally useless" by the SkyWing queen.


Alkira hatched on the peak of Jade Mountain, alone, after her egg was cursed. When Misty the RainWing found her, she brought her to her home to keep it safe. Alkira was barely a week old. 

It was quite obvious that she was cursed. She was a part of every dragon tribe, unable to fit in anywhere. It was confirmed by the SkyWing queen that an egg had gone missing recently, but she didn't want Alkira, claiming she was "Not one of us." Misty kept her and raised her, teaching her how to use the RainWing parts of her, but eventually, Alkira wanted to leave, to see the world. She set off into the SandWing kingdom first, feeling a little bit uncomfortable, but not much. She was immediately shunned by all the dragons she met, either believing she was wearing a costume or was insane. It was eventually made clear that she could not go back there without getting in trouble, so she headed for the Mud Kingdom. The dragons there either ignored her or shot her fearful, hostile glances. She immediately left, feeling uncomfortable after even the first day. Alkira felt no connections to the SkyWing Kingdom, after hearing that they wouldn't take her in. She traveled to the Ice Kingdom after that, but even with a part of them in her, she almost froze. The Sea Kingdom was the next stop, but Alkira couldn't breath underwater. Alkira finally traveled to the NightWing Kingdom. It was her last hope- but she was shunned and teased there as well. Alkira went home, with her dreams crushed- only to find that Misty had been put on trial after keeping her. Alkira ran away, hoping to find a place- but where could she run? After careful planning, much research, and high hopes, Alkira set of for the Lost Continent. She was never seen again.


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