He's just like this random GeodeWing named after a column in the periodic table hahaha


Alkali is a bony GeodeWing, and you can see his ribs through his scales. He is a dull sapphire and obsidian color, but he seems to shine in the night like a torch, making him visible, and, prevents those who travel with him not need a fire. His claws are small, sharp and twisted, with no color at all, and it's the same with his horns. He has extra spikes on very random parts on his body, like small spikes on his ears, large spikes on the end of his tail, medium spikes on his spine. He has a sheath strapped to his waist which holds his dagger, and he has two small shotguns.


Alkali is rather terrified of everything, but has intelligence larger than anything in Fallout. He can give out random science facts, and spew out the history of Pyrrhia at some of the worst moments, and his timing is very bad. He does, although, have great instincts, and he can just be the best caring koala bear ever. He wants to help everyone, even when he has nothing, and he will do anything to support anyone, trying to make life normal for everyone again.

He is, also, the leader of the 6 siblings. Because of this, he uses his skill for caring as much as he can, although he can often be seen fighting with Variscite or comforting Element.




Variscite -

Serpentine -

Element -

Scandium -

Birthstone -

Memory -

Blast -

Dehaka -


  • He is the oldest out of 6 siblings


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