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pan | female | sky/sea

The 'new' student in her school, who caught the eye of a little hybrid named Lure. And Alizeh had noticed the odd hybrid, a combination of the same tribal traits that had turned out so different.

Perhaps one day they'd confess to each other. Or simply... stay that way, connected by mutual feelings neither will reveal.

she's a pretty dragonet, to be sure. the slender build of a skywing, yet lined with the swirling patterns of seawing glow scales. her entire form seems as fluid as water, lithe and thin. she has the seawing sail, yet it's missing the spikes.

leaving behind a rubbery, soft crest bouncing along her spine.

her color scheme is pale, light red scales. the crest a baby blue, and pale pink wings with dancing patterns like a sunrise. deep blue eyes peer from her face. white glowing scales, which are absent on the equally white underbelly

cold towards other. a skeptic. willing to laugh with others, has a good grasp on the social norms. yet, prefers to be a contrarian. loves silently, keeps most things inside.

trusts others with only petty secrets, one stupid incident from childhood is all it took to make her decide that. she tends to remember things, hold grudges, and is in general unapproachable. pretends she doesn't. does inside.

really just wants someone who understands? but isn't really aware that the way she's acting doesn't give such a person a way in. because we all love being hypocrites. really wants character improvement, yet unwilling to ask others on how she can improve.

pretty much in a limbo where she wants an end result, yet isn't willing to go through the steps to get there.

life is pretty normal. born in sky kingdom, family moved to sea after a few years. went to a new school.

oh yeah a dragonet kinda told the entire school about how she thought spiders were scary and now there's a bunch of dead ones at your seat oops

immediately noticed lure, yet never thought much of it. kept on noticing her, chalked it up to lure's visual quirks. it's hard not to notice her. but that isn't exactly why.

pretty aware of the heart fluttery feeling she has right now. doesn't know what to do about it. pretty much just going to stay silent forever.

close to parents

a relationshipw ith lure that is what she thinks is one sided love

friends that just kinda deal with small drama, attempts not to consider herself as better than them in any way

misses sky kingdom

said dragonet (spiders) can go crash into a tree though

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