" i was friends with gill... you know..."


algae is a green seawing, with golden eyes,light-blue bioluminescent markings, a golden hoop earring, and a armor on his chest.


algae has a great personality!

pros: loyal,clever,strong

cons: clumsy,can be a bit too loyal


algae hatched 2 years before gill did. algae was well mannered as a child ( around 2 years ) and tended to be very quiet until the age of 6. when he was 6 he met a younger seawing named gill who was 4 years old, they became friends shortly after.when he turned 8 he applied to be a seawing warrior and a day later he was captured by burn. burn locked him up in a prison cell, one day she looked at him and took his water away. he quickly went insane and started cutting him self with his claws trying to drink his own blood as burn watched him do this she would laugh. one day a seawing freed him but was attacked by him. the seawing ran past a lone pond, algae jumped into and became sane again. he flew home back to the kingdom of the sea, his parents welcomed him back. when he turned 10 he wanted to be a royal guard,but gill convinced him not to because he joined the sea wing army. years later he was invited to gill's wedding with queen coral, he accepted and went. years later,when he heard gill was dead he cried 4 times a day for a whole month! he wanted to strangle whoever killed gill, but a few days later he became a royal guard. he might have been killed by a IceWing by dragging him to the ice kingdom,but no one knows.


  • Algae is the first oc Blackberrythepiratefox made on this wiki
  • Algae is the emerald dragon in The golden peak prophecy
  • Algae is one of Blackberrythepiratefox's favorite Ocs


Sister:Eel (Algae's sister)

Mate:Queen coral

more flying in soon


Fanfic: Algae's loyalty


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