Windy grass

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Background Information
Creator InterGalacticFly
Infobox artist Jarkie
Main Attribute Youth
Elemental Attribute Sun
Theme Animal Sparrow
Theme Color Pastel yellow
Theme Song Just, the whole ilomilo Ost
MBTI Personality N/A
Character Information
Age 5Dy
Gender Male
Orientation Strait
Occupation Silk and cloth Dyer
Tribe SilkWing
Goal To fall in love or become a color chemist
Residence Mantis Hive
Relatives Mother, Father and two other siblings
Allies His friends, and family, mostly,
Enemies His overseer,
Likes Blue-grass, Sunrise, Dusk, Fireflies, Origami, just-color in general,
Dislikes Being ordered around,
Powers and abilities Silk making powers and color aesthetic prowess
Weapons He's never thought of it before
Quote "all the dragons in the sky remind me of multicolored kites, all waving and dancing in the air."
Afternoon get together

Appearance -A ripe Apricot orange stains Alfalfa's tiny flimsy scales, like a brittle shell. His snout is long with a soft broadened edge to the tip of it. The top of his nostrils are a mellow marigold and make two long streaks on the top of his snout. The same color can be found on his antenna and on the back scaling of his rather scrawny arms and legs. His underbelly is a bright but pale pastel yellow flowing down his underbelly, the same color as the floof found on his antenna. Overlapping scales make large lines of dark turquoise behind his throat and go down his back to the tip of his tail. His talons are a vibrant orange-yellow and the spines on his back are the same Apricot as his body, maybe a little lighter in fact. his wings shine like a honey gold film and are beautiful in the light. More long turquoise stripes can be found on the wings and slightly gradient to peach at the tips, like a dulled photo left in the sun.

He has grassy eyes and a silver worker band on his left arm.

Personality Alfalfa is a simple dragon. He likes the sun, art and has been taught to treat every dragon with respect. Childish but somber his demeanor clashes with his color. You'd expect a rambunctious jaunty dragon with his bright stripes and summer wings. But, no. He quite likes his quite life... For the most part.

The daily grind is what keeps Alfalfa's mind in the present. Without it what other reason would he have to stay in the hives... Not really too many. His Father and Mother never truly understood Alfalfa ever since he was born and he has lost connections with them. His siblings were shipped off after their own 5th birthdays and he has lost connections with them as well.

The farthest thing from vengeful he is passive to cruel and rude dragons especially HiveWings though he tries to avoid them as much as he can.

History Life wears on like an old wheel turning and turning till it finally pops like a balloon.


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