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Appearance (Description)

Alder is a muscular hybrid with dull black scales and green eyes. His claws are short and stubby, as is his tail, and his wings are a tad too small for his body - giving him an awkward, careening appearance when in flight.

Alder has powerful forearms: he has worked as an archaeologist for the majority of his life, both in the excavation and restoration of ancient artefacts. Many of his finds have found their places in the treasuries of both royalty and elite aristocrats.

Even if Alder does have more than enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life, he blatantly refuses to use any of it for leisurely things. All of his earnings he directs towards more advanced excavation techniques and putting food on the table.

As the bigwings of his small troop (which consists of his blood sister and three close friends), he has become a figure of renown in the Mud Kingdom.

Personality (Description)

Alder is an enthusiastic (if a bit commanding and aggressive) individual. He doesn't like listening to others and has very high standards for dragons around him - if these high standards aren't met, he tends to be a little blunt and standoff-ish, like they've somehow let him down.

Alder takes friendships, sibling bonds and mutual hate very seriously. He is loyal to his commitments and can be very protective of his allies, even if they can take care of themselves.

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