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Creator Panda
Artist Wild
Background Information
Theme Song "Freaks" by Jordan Clarke
Theme Color Red firebrick
Theme Animal Domestic Rat
Character Information
Age 7 years
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Main Attribute Playful
Tribe SkyWing/MudWing hybrid
Relatives Unknown
Abilities Firescales on tail
Quote "No! You missed the field goal! You're trash!"

Alder is a light brown dragon splotched with white and darker shades of brown. On his wings and tail, he has purple, pink, and orange scales. His features are SkyWing dominant.


Alder is playful and impatient. He can also be bold but cowardly. He is almost never serious and loves to pull of pranks to entertain himself.


Alder never met his parents. He was adopted by Clay and Peril. He and his adoptive mother loved playing prank wars on each other and Clay.

On Imperial's first day of school, Alder pranked her into eating toothpaste for frosting. He had a crush on her and befriended her, hoping to get closer.

On the second week of school, he blew up the whole school (again) with a dangerous prank and was grounded for a month.

After being released, he assisted his friends in rescuing Lacewing. When an IceWing patrol confronted and fought them, he held them back for his friends to escape. Alder was presumably killed by the IceWings.



Alder had a crush on Imperial since the first time they met and pranked her to get her attention. However, Imperial did not return his feelings.

When he discovered the Crimperial ship was official, he reacted well and accepted it.


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