like the spruce

"blue green leafwing dragonet that likes music & reading scrolls"

from moonlight's adopt blog uwo

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Background Information
Creator fear
Main Attribute violin music in the wind (tba)
Elemental Attribute night, snow, plants
Anthem tba
Character Information
Age 7 dyo
Gender agender (she/her or they/them)
Orientation bicurious
Occupation violinist, student
Tribe LeafWing
Goal to become a wonderful musician with Moraine & Ode
Residence Sage Islands (Moraine's mansion)
Relatives tbd
Likes the night, watching snow fall, learning, observing, the sound & playing of violin, piano, birds, music & reading scrolls
Dislikes complete silence, excessive heat, small spaces, wet or burned scrolls
Powers and abilities normal leafwing abilities; promising violin playing
Weapons talons, tail, teeth
Quote "Violin is just.. Lovely."

Alberta is a young LeafWing dragonet whom, as an egg, was offered up for adoption. She'd found out she was agender early on, but has yet to come out about it to Moraine. (Has come out about it to Ode!) She's an accomplished violinist, and lives with Moraine & Ode in a mansion among the Sage Islands.


BUILD: pretty standard leafwing build. softer features
COLORS: blue-greens, amber colored eyes, dark blue-green accents. reminiscent to a night/leaf hybrid but this is False.
EXTRA: has a scar on her tail-tip


very much enjoys music & reading scrolls u_u


  • normal leafwing abilities
  • very skilled with violin playing
  • also a decent fighter. likes dance fighting tbh


  • text


  • Moraine: motherly/older sister relation. admires her loads
  • Ode: strong sibling relationship uwu


  • alberta is a kind of spruce and a place in canada (province? is that what theyre called-)



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