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Alazaïs ac head
Background Information
Creator AvalonCat
Main Attribute White
Elemental Attribute Light
Theme Animal Albino Boa
Theme Color Red/White
Nicknames Alazais, Zais, Ala.
MBTI Personality working on it.
Character Information
Age 16
Gender male
Occupation Prince
Tribe EnderWings
Goal Become King someday
Residence End Kingdom
Relatives none yet.
Allies Royal Family
Enemies none.
Likes Stuff.
Dislikes people messing things up.
Powers and abilities teleportation
Weapons Can petrify dragons with his very presence(appearance)
Ships Alazalon
Quote "Don't Touch THAT!"


Alazaïs is an albino EnderWing with red eyes. His head, spine, and mane scales are white. His arch, belly, membrane, and upper scales are a super light grey. His lower scales, claws, and horns are a slightly darker grey than his belly. His has a typical EnderWing build but slightly taller and more narrow.

"Let the red flower be. Don't touch IT! Just slowly back away."


Alazaïs is very quirky and charming. He is proud to be different from the other EnderWings. He likes to go on adventures and explore. Alazaïs tends to act as if everything around him belongs to him and gets protective over it.


Alazaïs was born in the End Kingdom but was immediately orphaned due to the fact he was different. He grew up on his own lonely which is why he is such a social butterfly. When Alazaïs turned 12, he met Evalon, the princess of the EnderWings. At first, Evalon was confused about Alazaïs and was hot tempered with him but slowly Alazaïs grew to like her. Evalon began to feel the same and the two fell in love.




ASK!!!! Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Mate: Evalon


Evalon: Can tolerate her hot temper and charms her a lot.


  • Alazaïs was inspired from a friend from school.
  • Alazaïs is the only albino EnderWing.
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