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Art Heron the MudWing
Creator Amethysttherainwing2
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When Akatosh was five years old an animus went crazy, killing everything. He was spared, but was cursed with visions of the future. For eight years he hid and blamed himself for what happened. Then, when Akatosh was thirteen, the queen sent him a letter. He went to the queen and he saw Zara. The two became friends, and two years later they got married. Akatosh and Zara then had a son. Three years later, he started having visions of fire and death. He left in the night with his wife and four year old son.


He has pale yellow scales and the ones near the top and bottom are almost white. His eyes are black.


Akatosh before the incident was a very happy and helpful dragon. He would do everything to be noticed by the queen. When one of the animus form the court went on a rampage and killed anyone in her path. When the animus saw Akatosh she spared his life for a reason no one could understand and she cursed him with visions of the future. After this Akatosh when into a period of shutting out everything and everybody. This went on until he was thirteen. Akatosh got a letter from the queen. He changed from a scared dragon to the happy dragon he once was. Now he is determined to find the SandWing that gave him is powers.



Akotsh met Zara when he first went to the queen. He grew to like her and two years later they got married and had a son Akar. They both ran away with their son to the Scorpion Den.


Akar is the son of Akotsh and Zara. He is the dragon that Akotsh is trying to protect.


  • Akatosh is usually treated like an oddity than a dragon
  • His nickname 'Sunny' is because when in the sun he looks like a second sun.
  • Akatosh's powers are like the powers of a first-moon born NightWing.
  • Some think that there might be some IceWing in Akotsh's heritage
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