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Aixin (EYE-chin) is a Rainwing demikami daughter of Ai who is owned by and is the intellectual property of Ruler of Awesumness. Any attempts to use her without Ruler's permission will be punished accordingly.


Aixin is a bubbly sort of dragon, a social butterfly and pretty much the opposite of her friend Shiwang. Being a daughter of Ai, she is often acting as a matchmaker, and makes it known that she is good at it, too.

Physical Appearance

Being a RainWing, Aixin's scales shift often, but they commonly stay in the pink-red-purple range. Her horns are shorter than normal, and her frills stand out more. However, she has smaller frills on the backside of her talons, setting her apart from other RainWings. Her eyes are bright blue. She has the lithe, agile build of a RainWing. She often wears jewelry around her neck and ankles, as well as a blue tank top and earrings.


Ever since she could remember, Aixin has known her true parentage, even if she wasn't told how her parents met. Her life was a good one, even if it wasn't god for the right reasons. She was the daughter of the godfather of a powerful crime family, but when her father was killed in a gun fight when she was 2, she ran away to the place she had heard so much about through messages from her mother: Camp Gin Chi. She practically grew up there, never revealing who her father was to anyone but the counselors.


Aixin can sense motives, use charmspeak, and is quite skilled in armed hand-to-hand combat.


While skilled at handling and defending herself in combat, she cannot take too many direct hits herself.


Growing up as the daughter of a crime lord, Aixin was privileged as a child to say the least, but left much of it behind when she ran away. Some of her current possessions include the following:

  • Smartphone
  • Sword
  • Two daggers
  • Shield


Shiwang- Friends since childhood, Aixin and Shiwang have known each other for a long time. Unbeknownst to Shiwang, Aixin has a crush on him, and unbeknownst to both of them, the feelings are mutual.

Ai- Aixin has only met her mother a few times, and some of them she wasn't even aware it was her mother she was talking to, as she was in disguise. Ai's relationship with her daughter is complicated to say the least. Aixin admires Ai, but has a subtle resentment for her, as Ai has been known to leave before Aixin even realized it was her, and did nothing to prevent her father's death.

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