Aisuru is a tall, lanky dragon. His movements seem fluid and perfect in a way, matching perfectly with his long legs and tail, which curls into a perfect loop. Orange and pink are faded across his body like a living sunset, rolling over his shoulders and wings in clouds of pastel color. Green eyes compliment his tapered face and sleek ears. Just behind his ears is a small frill he inherited from his RainWing parent, speckled with dark orange and pink. Dark gray-magenta horns spiral above his head like twisted branches.

His body is often wrapped in a fine silk kimono laced with golden hems in patterns of autumn leaves and intricate brush strokes of birds and branches. Golden rings encircle his talons, glimmering with red quartz stones, matching the cherry earring he wears in one ear.


Many would describe him as aloof, though Aisuru is rather the opposite. Preferring to keep to himself, he is a introspective dragon with a mind that reaches to the farthest expanses of the tree of knowledge. His keen empathic ability leads him to be able to detect lies easily, and tell when someone is upset or angry. Aisuru is a benevolent creature, appreciating all of nature and believing to to encompass a spirit of its own. It is common to find him tending to his garden and feeding the birds, on his face a content smile.

Though he appears placid on the outside, inside he is blooming with colors and grand ideas that he will spill onto a canvas inside his riverside home. He aspires to share them with the outside world, and to bring enlightenment to those who cannot find it themselves. Despite not showing much emotion, Aisuru cares deeply for his lover, Interstellar, and for those who he feels need it the most.


Aisuru was born in the Rainforest Kingdom to a loving mother, Clementine. His childhood was almost idealistic, living in the center of the jungle in a loving community, with dragons who watched him and cared for him around the clock. Aisuru rarely saw his SkyWing father, who divorced his mother before he was hatched. Clementine made sure this didn't have an effect on her cheerful son, telling him that he was perfectly fine without his father.

However, as he grew older, Aisuru began to notice the absence of his father, noting that his friends had both of their parents. Though he was never jealous, Aisuru became withdrawn and quiet, preferring to be introspective rather than openly observant.

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