Airbender is entirely black with gold and silver all along his spine, legs, tail and wings. His eyes are dark green.


Airbender is very devoted to his mate, Warwinner, and his daughter, Shadowfinder. 


When Airbender hatched, his mother had instantly loved him. As a result, when he accidentally turned some of his scales to cold and silver, he and his mother sought refuge in the rainforest. There they hid until the queen was dead, and the NightWings had a new queen, Queen Battlewinner.

Airbender returned and met a beautiful NightWing, Warwinner. He instantly fell in love with her and they got married and had a single egg.

Airbender hadn't been the only one to be hidden in the rainforest, though, and there was a prophet who delivered the Prophecy of the Savior.

The NightWing dragonet in it was Airbender's.

This NightWing dragonet was destined to help the NightWings defeat the RainWings and move into the rainforest. The prophecy stated that it, a SkyWing firescales dragonet and a MudWing hatched from a blood-red egg would be raised together and would help the NightWing bring her tribe into the rainforest.

Unfortunately, the prophet brought Airbender and Warwinner's egg to the mainland during a storm. The prophet took no breaks in his urgency and, wrought with exhaustion, dropped the egg before he, too, fell out of the sky and was killed.

After that, Warwinner was sent into a deep depression, and Airbender cursed the queen for letting the prophet take his egg.

Two years later, they had another egg. In secret, Airbender enchanted the dragonet inside to look like the one they had lost due to the prophet's stupidity.

When it hatched, Warwinner and Airbender were delighted. They vowed to make sure she was as safe as possible, despite the horrible conditions on the volcanic island.

The dragonet, whom they named Shadowfinder, was very intelligent. She was also a skilled hunter and fighter. Airbender and Warwinner were very, very proud.

However, conditions on the volcano were getting worse and worse. Airbender and Warwinner began to fear for their daughter's life.

Eventually, the two decided to sneak off to the volcano. When Shadowfinder was five, Airbender enchanted a stone to force the guards to let him and his family through.

When they were through, they hid in the southernmost part, and relaxed all day, eating mangoes and basking in the glorious sunshine and fresh air.

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