type of snake - sandwing twins.



  • see ref!!!
  • main scales the typical pale yellows
  • small feathery patterns of blue and white
  • black irises with a blue scerlea
  • brown horns
  • dusty brown gray sail
  • pale wing membranes - yellow but lighter
  • underbelly matches
  • pretty stocky build, plenty of muscle mass
  • just,, big. slightly taller but build.


  • super extremely protective
  • unnecessarily skeptical of everything
  • lives in a small town where 'nothing' happens
  • "average" intelligence
  • would be a stupidly good debater though
  • but then comebacks are lacking
  • shut up or i'll punch you
  • honestly pretty playful with friends
  • tends to rant a lot over others
  • pretty self confident though


  • born in Scorpion Den with Chordata
  • parents were immediately like "whoops got kids now better move out of this place"
  • the town is filled to the brim with black markets and assassins
  • protect the children
  • so instead they went to a BORING coastal town
  • were homeschooled because there literally wasn't a school there
  • consists of 'sandwings are your tribe, don't trust any other, but also sandwings will backstab you'
  • Aeygptia was illiterate, because apparently reading isn't needed
  • but Chordata just went to a different family where the kids were learning how to read
  • woot look already a disparity between the two.
  • honestly was a pretty. safe place. because no one really. cared about the dragons there.
  • grew up
  • learned mostly about being street smart
  • Data was still a part of the family. she just. didn't. learn with them
  • so now we have a bookish child and one ready to punch you
  • was a good pair
  • so then they moved to the sky kingdom!
  • for "proper" education
  • Aeygptia dropped out after like a week "can't read what's the point"
  • but Chordata saw the year though
  • cool now she's even smarter
  • moved back to sand kingdom
  • to a different coastal town!
  • lives there now
  • PRobably visits other places! like threatening tourists because this place is super pretty but i don't trust you
  • Chordata somehow got jewelry from one of those vacations
  • Aeygptia never checked how. probably stolen
  • life is kind of boring but it's okay.


  • chordata: twin and aeygptia is really protective of her because. she's weak. physical capability nonexistent. she needs help
  • parents: they helped him learn how to punch others. respect.
  • whatever family taught chordata: eh y'all okay never really met them though


  • eats. lots of sugar.


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