Aeri (pronounced like "airy")
Artist type here
Background Information
Creator oof
Main Attribute Meme
Elemental Attribute Air
Theme Animal Birb
Theme Color Every Color
Character Information
Age 20
Gender Boi
Orientation Demi
Occupation Nothing Really
Tribe type here
Goal type here
Residence type here
Relatives type here
Allies type here
Enemies type here
Likes type here
Dislikes type here
Powers and abilities type here
Weapons type here
Quote type here

off-white/ivoryish aviwomgf, black speckles around his eyes/on his snout

dark brown/almost black eyes

t a l l

sorta based on a swan

wears gold circle glasses w/ pink tint, very Fancy and Cool and Nice, Everybody Likes Them And Thinks They're Cool* but everything is pink tinted

*mostly everybody, some Do Not Really Care (tm) but it does not matter what they thiink, He Does What He Wants

likes wearing Very Colorful Things, and Lots Of Them

is a Meme

e x t r o v e r t

o v e r

9 0 0 0
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