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Admiral is a Silkwing/ Skywing hybrid with some Nightwing blood. His body color is red with hints of orange. He has black and white scales scattered all over him. His wings are an orangey yellowish color and show his SilkWIng gene. His eyes are a mix of orange and red. He has no antennae and his horns are dark grey.

Admiral is pretty scrawny and short, this is due to the lack of food in the lab and the beatings he was given. He has bruises all over him, although that doesn't ruin his good looks.

His expression usually portrays nervousness and his brows are always scrunched up. He is often looking around and jumps every three seconds.


Work in Progress!


Admiral is a very quiet dragon. He hardly talks, and when he does, it's a very quiet yes or no.

Admiral is a very nervous dragon and he hates being around people, especially because of how badly the scientists treat him.


- Kiwi


  • created by animal and mirl
  • is a test sibject
  • has flamesilk because the fire part from the skywing parent


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