adeli // lightwing // female // modern // lesbian

  • ppink!!! because pink is ppretty...??

yes, this character's name is taken from the young elites series (which i just finished reading it's really very good)

Artist type here
Creator 🔥
Code type here
Attribute type here
Element type here
Color pink
Aesthetics type here
Nicknames adeli
Age 16
Gender female
Orientation homosexual
Occupation student
Tribe LightWing
Goal type here
Residence -
Relatives type here
Allies Calleta
Enemies type here

notes to self

  • uhhh fear/fury/passion/curiosity alignment i think
  • "everybody wants to rule the world" -lorde
  • extremely curious
  • determined to figure things out
  • pastel pinks and saturated pinks because pink is pretty owo


light. slender. graceful. that is what people think when they think of a lightwing
but that is not adelina. adelina is short and flat-faced, her eyes dull, despite the brilliant mind that works behind them. she looks flat. and boring. but that is far from what she is.
  • pink
  • darker underbelly
  • baby pink????
  • reddish eyes
  • lightwing


  • very soft and sweet usually
  • very passionate everything she does
  • rlly inquisitive
  • easily angered
  • secretly enjoys people's fear, feels really bad about it though
  • needs someone to pull her out of the dark sometimes
  • wicked sense of humor


  • calleta- used to have a crush on her before calleta moved away??? really good friends
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