Unlike many members of the Black Sharks, Adderclaw had a rather happy dragonethood. His family stayed out of the Royal Family's way, and didn't involve themselves in many of the noble's affairs, as they were minor nobles in the palace. Adderclaw's mother, Siren, made a living gathering pearls with the commoners, so much that the other nobles began to call her "the Commoner's Pearl", which was a title that Siren bore with pride, for that was what she was.

A few days after Adderclaw turned 3, Siren was called to the throne room. She never came home. Suspecting what had happened, Adderclaw's father, Reaper, flew into a rage, and swore to destroy the queen and monarchy. For 5 long years, Reaper did just that, gradually wearing them down. When Adderclaw turned 8, however, Reaper was caught, and dragged to the palace in chains. A few months later, Adderclaw was summoned to the palace. Reaper was brought out, still enchained, but looking no worse for wear, although he looked tired, like he hadn't slept in a while. The guards took off the chains on Reaper's legs, but clipped the chain connected to his neck clamp to a pillar.

Queen Salt ordered her "pet", a SeaWing named Oceanus, to deal with Reaper. Oceanus was an animus, and he enchanted Reaper to have an insatiable thirst for blood, to be an animus, but to always be insane, and to be totally loyal to Queen Salt. The queen ordered for the guards to bring a SeaWing prisoner out to test Reaper's "abilities". The guards brought Siren out, and watched as Reaper ripped Adderclaw's mother apart.

Horrified, Adderclaw fled, becoming a member of the Black Sharks, and befriending the general, a SeaWing named Turbulence. Turbulence and his mother, Seal, adopted Adderclaw into their family, and Adderclaw eventually became the commander of the Black Sharks' armies.

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