Adder is a SandWing and the main protagonist/antagonist in The Tale of the Rattlesnare. He is not to be used without permission from his owner. Only edit if there are spelling or grammar errors.

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Adder is a pale sandy dragon with dark red diamonds running from his jawline down to his barbed tail. His horns and talons are white, while his wing membranes, underbelly, and ridges are a slightly dusty colour.

Adder wears an agate arrow head necklace gifted to him by a relative. Later in the story, he receives a rattlesnake necklace and wears that as well.


Adder plans ahead, trying to deceive dragons. It usually works, until his reputation spikes. He is tricking, and will use that to poorly disguise himself.

Adder also has a soft spot for all his family, except his sister, who was the reason he runs away.


Adder Headshot

Adder Headshot

Adder was born into his family as the happy, bouncy, prince of the SandWings. He remained this way until he was eight, when his parents announced they were having another egg. Adder was cast out of the way, and forgotten. He was able to do most everything on free will, since his parents didn't notice.

When Adder got angry one day, he yelled at a vase to break, and it did so. He became terrified, and locked himself in his room for a few days. When he finally left, he grabbed an apple and went to the library. He looked up what had happened, and found that it was animus magic.

At first, the SandWing thought of it nothing more than a coincidence, but then it happened again when he was on the other side of the room and his father tried to come in. Adder became terrified of losing his sanity, and began seeking dragons who could tell him how he could prevent it all from happening.

Most of the dragons Adder met with told him not to use his magic. But then, he met one who told him he could turn the magic on itself. He did so, turning the magic so that every time he used it, it strengthened the poison in his barbed tail.

Still terrified of it, Adder rarely used it. He used it to mess up his room the night he fled, and when he made a large cave for himself in the ground dipped behind a Scavenger Den.

He eventually went to stealing things in the town, and grew in popularity. He began to have followers who would help him achieve goals.

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