Background information
Creator Linai
Main Attribute Intelligence
Elemental Attribute H2o2
Theme Color Black and Teal
Theme Animal Animals are lowly life forms having no intelligence compared to a dragoness such as me (Cat)
Theme Song Egmont Overture- Ludwig van Beethoven
Zodiac Sign Leo
Character information
Age 13 3/4 years old (21 3/4 in scavenger years)
Gender Female,woman,dragoness,girl, etc
Preference The one thing I don't know....
Occupation Astronomy Intern College Student
Tribe NightWing
Goal To colonize the moon. To be the smartest dragoness ever. To become a teacher someday. Many more.
Residence Mountia
Relatives Unknown
Allies Fellow astronomers, her pet cat, herself, Breatheir
Enemies Ignorant imbeciles with no intelligence, animals except cats
Likes Star-gazing, her cat, science, psychics, working, astronomy, painting, classical music
Dislikes Other dragons touching her, all animals (besides cats), pop music, dragons with no intelligence.
Powers and abilities NightWings like me are able to, breathe fire, disappear into shadows, and convince our peers with sincere cunning
Weapons Weapons? Fighting? Puh-lease, dragons like me have their intelligence.
Ships BreathHeir
Quote "It's quite simple actually. You just divide 43567918 by 32456789, then subtract the answer by 36701, then you must multiply that answer by 68127645, then add 139876 to the answer. See, easy!"

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~[insert name here]


Acumen is Linai the RainWing's. Do not use her without permission.

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~[insert name here]


Acumen isn't usually described as pretty. All she really cares about is her job and books. That takes a toll on her appearance. She has awful posture from reading. She is extremely skinny, and when working she will literally starve herself so when she is done she will feast. Although she has great hygiene, her scales are a dull grayish-purple and look as though they haven't been washed in weeks, but it's all natural. Acumen's wing membranes are molten, meaning some areas of her wings are dark blue and some are black or white, this is a genetic mutation that runs through her family. Acumen's horns and spikes are indigo and are curved slightly. Her ears are bat-like and can hear many things. Such as, the meeting from next door, her roommate's constant complains about the food, and her colleagues constant mumbling about how his girlfriend broke up with him. Those ears are very useful. Acumen's nose is bent and her face is always blemished.

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~[insert name here]


Acumen is odd. Well, she is extremely intelligent and is a classified genius. She also is quite snobbish ,I guess.

But, no one has ever dared to look beyond that.

Sure, one may notice the shadow in her violet eyes. The shadow of meaningful, personal loss. But, no one has ever dared to ask Acumen about it.

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Acumen Kitty
Humanized Acumen

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