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Aconite is a male rainwing with hivewing and leafwing blood.

His principal scales are lime, a strong orange and fucsia with black dots. On his back there are red-fucsia spikes and he has orange wings inside.

His wings have got black triangles on them with a touch of red and lime. Outside his wings are exactly the opposite.

He's got red eyes and dark rose / violet tongue.


He's got venomscales and really strong rainwing powers, but he can't change his black scales.

He's got also really weak tail-sting.


he's cold and angry.

he's also sad because he's considered a monster by the other rainwings.

And when a dragon makes he angry he likes to destroy everything with his venomscales.


  • He secretly wants to be a singer
  • He would like a friend
  • He can eat EVERYTHING


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