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Note: This OC was created by SingeTheSkywing and adopted by Luna-The-Nightwing. 

Acacia is a slight olive green with dark teal eyes and topscales.  She has small horns along her back that resemble a rainwing which are a pale blue.  Her underside is is a light red-brown along with a bright green leaf pattern along neck and face.  Her wings look like a sandwings but are more rounded and have the traditional leaf pattern on them.  Here tail has a round ball at the end like a sandwings posionus barb, but hers doesnt have a stinger and is smaller.  Her talons and wings are pale blue like the spikes down here neck.


As it's easy to tell, Acacia is half leafwing.  Her mother was Mohagany, a dragon who lived on Pantala till she was 20.  Mohagany hated the feeling of having to be on edge in case Hivewings or Silkwings attacked.  Tired of her tense and fearful life she traveled to the rumored "Distant kingdoms."  It was a rough and difficult journey, but she made it with minimal damage.  When she arrived she soon relized she couldnt tell anyone who she really was.  She settled down in Possibilty and told all who asked that she was a hybrid.  They believed her.  Only a year later Mohagany met a real hybrid named Forest.  He was half sandwing and half rainwing.  Over the long course of two years she and Forest moved in with each other and Mohagany had two eggs.  They hatched two females, Magnolia and Acacia.  Forest and Mohagany loved them and were overjoyed by the fact that they were both happy and healthy dragonets.  Only a week passed before disaster stroke.  Magnolia had blindly jumped into a rushing river, she was never seen again.  While they were both distraught at their dragonets death, Acacia was too young to notice.  As time wore on Acacia grew older, much to her parents delight she was still as happy and healthy as the day she hacthed.


Acacia is fun and always curious.  She absolutly loves to hang out with her friends and pretends not to notice when somone says hateful things to her.  She does well in school but always believes she can do better, her favorite classes being history and writing.  The dragons of Possibilty know her to be playful, adventurous, carefree aswell as slightly annoying at some times.  Although she attempts peacful ways to end conflict Acacia can somtimes lash out.  While her combacks might not be very quick some fights can easily escalate into full-blown shouting arguments.  She is known to hate apologizing and believes she is almost always right (a trait she shares with her mother).  She can be a little over confident somtimes, which causes her to act more daring and impulsive, this usually happens around dragons she hopes to be friends with.

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