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"Y'know, IceWing blood looks gorgeous when spilled..."
- Abyss to Skylark, shortly before killing her.

Abyss is a male NightWing with chilling silver eyes. He is currently in a relationship with a female NightWing named Raven. He attends Oceanside Academy and is currently in the


He was one of the first moonborn dragonets to be hatched in the NightWing Village. He was raised by a father who hated IceWings with a passion. Because of this, he decided to kill IceWings. He grew up alongside many other NightWings,(most of whom were much older than him, with the exception of Raven). He was forced by his father (peer pressure mostly, but with some threats) to attend Oceanside Academy. To his delight, Raven decided to join him.

"Honestly, I'm surprised my father survived the volcano [...] why should he live but my mother doesn't?! She didn't deserve to die so soon after being free!! [...] that stupid disease killed her, it burned her lungs to a crisp..."
- Ranting about how life isn't fair.


He is a glossy black with scatterings of blue and purple like a nebula. The spines running down his back are dark grey with silver tips, his horns are the same shade of grey. His claws are sharp and stained with blood, but everyone assumes that it is ink due to the blue hue. His eyes are a cold silver-blue and he has silver teardrop scales in the corners, two near each eye. His eyes have been described multiple times as "chilling and lifeless, and glittering with buried hate." they have been described as a "stunning ice-blue, gorgeous and iridescent," by Raven. his underbelly is a pale gray with dark purple undertones. His wing membranes are pitch-black with silver scales forming diluted spiral patterns all over them.

"they say that my scales are dull for a Rainforest NightWing, my scales won't be dull when their blood is all over them..."
- About dragons mocking his appearance



He loves her with all of his bitter heart and would do anything for her.

His Father

Abyss doesn't like his father very much and has referred to him as "a total douchebag" multiple times over.


He believes that she is the scum of the Earth, despite her being the heir to the RainWing/NightWing throne.


Abyss didn't get to know her before killing her, but thought that she was too pretty for her own good.


He anticipates the day he shall kill her.


He hates her, no, he loathes her. He and Raven usually call her a mongrel.

Prince Lion

They don't like each other, and that's fine by them.


He believes almost everything he says and isn't afraid to speak his mind. Whenever something doesn't go his way he grows angry and violent.

"tch, that RainWing deserved it"
- About the RainWing he beat up after he disagreed with him


  • It took me forever to give him a name
  • He was originally gonna fall in love with Skylark
  • He has killed a RainWing before.
  • His weapon of choice is a knife.
  • He plans to be a hitman when he is older.
  • he knows about the land across the sea, but doesn't believe in it.
  • His name was gonna be Crow.
  • He was actually a RainWing-NightWing hybrid when I first started designing him.
  • His other name option was Shadow
  • His other other name option was Obsidian.
  • Lot's of name options XD.
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