no longer part of a contest but im still gonna keep this baby

"Fear, your name is Above and your pallate is E4DCAC, A5B88D, FDF8AB, E69F6F, and 9E616B"

belongs to fear uwu


  • build: slight chub, muscular, small. facial features contain sandwing features. skywing-esque horns. mix of sand & sky scale patterns. neck is long & slimmer than the rest of the body.
  • coloration: slightly paled warm (orange, yellow, red) colors!
  • extra:


not the brightest; bad at reading social cues, claustrophobic both physically & metaphorically. offers a decent idea once in a while. knows some things about money but doesnt apply it to anything, also very good and humble when it comes to racing. Not a sore loser or a bragging winner. clueless about the world, under the impression that everyone lives comfortably - gets very sad when told about all of the bad in the world. however, this also makes him very cautious which is good. an open book, will jabber on and on about his dreams & his life to anyone he meets.


  • inherited abilities
    • firebreath
    • subtle heat emission
    • incredible high-flying & ascension
    • doesnt need to eat or drink as often as other dragonets
  • high stamina & endurance


  • Mother - the sandwing genes; very caring and cautious. only wants the best for Above. was already a noble to begin with. sells books & scrolls in the meantime, while also trading furs.
  • Father - the skywing genes; an infamous racer, daring and dashing yet also cautious. lives only to protect his family. races for money, was not born into nobility. is the one who refrains from talking/lecturing Above when something goes wrong because he doesnt want to be hypocritical.


"above & beyond"

When Above was born, his parents had been ecstatic to know he could inherit their wealth and fortune. While being raised, he'd been a little spoiled - treated nearly like royalty. He never let it get to him though, all he wanted to do was fly high up in the clouds. Every time he did though, his parents would bring him back down to the ground. Each time he tried to go up, his parents would literally ground him. Sometimes even going so far as to put chains on his wings. Not that they wanted to, but they were very protective of both their wealth and their son, not wanting either to be hurt.

Above never seemed to understand that.

When schooling began, at first his parents were very tentative and kept him homeschooled for a year. All he learned was attempting to fix financial situations - nothing ever really stuck with him.


  • above's entire concept is based upon "above and beyond" but being forced to never reach "beyond"
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