Elm: Ok, you really need to stop eating candy, it’s bad for you

Abispa: I cAnT hEaR YOu oVeR tHe SoUnD oF Me cHeWiNg CaNdY *eats more*

~ by Lacey!

Artist ☁️
Background Information
Creator ☁️
Attribute Playfulness
Element Light
Animal Abispa wasp
Color Orange
Character Information
Age 2
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Student
Tribe HiveWing
Goal To escape school
Residence Mantis Hive
Relatives Elm, Weta
Abilities Sharp claws
Quote "Daddy, daddy, why don't I have a mommy?"


  • very chubby and small
  • wings look barely enough to support her
  • bright, obnoxiously saturated orange scales, very vibrant and shiny
  • small black scales on her back
  • a lemony yellow underbelly, still bright without the metallic sheen
  • scales fade into red on the limbs
  • translucent wings with a golden sheen
  • golden horns and spines
  • dark brown eyes
  • usually happy/curious expression
  • holds herself in such a way it's surprising she doesn't topple over
  • generally an eyesore and a ball of energy


  • Bubbly
  • Optimistic; happy just about all the time
  • Stubborn
  • Really, really gullible
  • Throws the word 'hate' around a lot, playfully
  • Will throw things
  • As calm as a bonfire
  • Gets obnoxiously loud, and nothing will silence her once she gets to that stage
  • Wants to be independent, demands to do everything by herself
  • Likes games of pretend
  • Enjoys running and flying
  • Clumsy with words, stumbles around a lot
  • Train of thought tends to randomly jump a few rails over
  • Always moving, always talking, a literal mess of energy, through and through


  • Born to Elm and Weta
  • Elm ran a candy store and was a part time painter, Weta worked with SilkWings on construction
  • Weta died in a large Hive collapse, only a few weeks after Abispa was born
  • Elm was devastated
  • Abispa was sorta his last hope
  • She didn't remember it, the dragoness just didn't come home one day
  • Never explained to her what happened to her mother
  • She thought that was normal, not having a mom
  • Started school when she turned one
  • Heard about other peoples moms
  • Asked Elm why she didn't have one
  • He was really vague, just saying Weta had left, but was still looking over Abispa
  • She was super proud of her mother, always talked to her imaginary self
  • Says she doesn't remember what Weta looked like, but remembered really nice stuff
  • Enjoyed these nightly talks
  • Is now two
  • Already pretty good at making candy, sometimes helps her father
  • Occasionally eats everything by accident
  • Wants to be a candy maker when she grows up, instead of a boring old farmer
  • Elm needs to tell her about what really happened to Weta, but doesn't want to bother her happiness
  • Ignorance is bliss, and he doesn't want to ruin it


  • Likes him a lot
  • Thinks her father is sorta boring though
  • Enjoys all the sweets he lets her eat
  • Likes helping him paint
  • They have a mutually good relationship
  • Weta
  • Doesn't remember what her mother was like
  • Only sees her through what Elm says
  • Is proud of her mother for helping her
  • Wishes she would talk back
  • Sometimes feels like Weta doesn't really exist


  • Named after a bright orange wasp
  • Loves, loves, loves sweets
  • Has pretty bad short term memory
  • Clumsy as heck
  • Likes to draw, as in dipping her talons in paint and stomping over a canvas
  • Really adventurous, will try just about everything
  • Once had a bad run in with bees, hates them now
  • Wants a pet bird


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