He is a pure sandwing, of average size. His barb is elongated, as well as his tail. This gives him a graceful look. His scales are a yellow-brown, with hints of cream. His eyes are pure black, like any other Sandwings. His spine is a darker version of his beige-tan scales. His wings are longer than other sandwings.


He has normal physical ability, and a lightning intellect. He likes figuring out puzzles and finding clues. His barb has a bit more venom than usual, and sometimes it leaks poison. He sometimes stabs it into the ground and injects venom into it if he doesn't want drops of poison following him wherever he goes.


He often talks a lot, and takes action too quickly. Abalos's intellect rarely catches up to his body, and he is annoyed with himself. He tries to be careful, but he never is, always finding something to do. He often causes accidents, and makes ink out of his own venom.


When Abalos was hatched, his mother seethed at him, his father looked at him with intelligent eyes. He knew instantly his mother hated him. He didn't know why, and he didn't bother asking. He looked next to him and Found another egg. He tapped it curiously, squeaking. The father gently lifted his son up, and let him clamber around his wing. 

Abalos was named by his father, and they both watched his sister be born. The mother had been more excited about this one. The dragonet in this egg was a deeper brown than Abalos, and had a reddish hue. Mother touched the dragonet and it shied  away. This dragon was named Epostoa. After the cactus in his mother's garden.

He spent his early childhood outside, inspecting cacti, bugs, and sand. anything that came into his sight was studied with immense care, and he developed a very sensitive touch and intricacy with his claws.

Some years later, his father taught him to read scrolls. From that day on, he was interested in solving the natural world. Questions like 'who were the scavengers?' And 'why are dragon scales differently textured?' Popped up. Whenever Abalos finished a scroll, he jotted down questions and undertook experiments and research to answer them. His mother found this strange, his father found it delightful.

His mother had had a fight with his father and left, Abalos's sister smirked as she flew after her, as if to say 'ha, I got the better one,'

Abalos and his father read more and solved mysteries like Abalos had done since he hatched.  Abalos was a hands-on learner, but his father was more of a Biblophile. They have been researching until Abalos met Moonflower and Falcon.

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