"Time flies, like a bird. If you tear off a feather, the bird will still fly and the feather will grow back. Tear off too many feathers, and everything collapses." -Abalone

epicKieren66's seawing OC

Abalone is not your average seawing, He cannot even speak aquatic because his glowing scales, thanks to a birth defect, were scattered into places they shouldn't be (for example, the glowing scales that should be on his neck are on his back instead.) Abalone had learned later, that this was because he was animus. He read of tales of animus dragons, becoming intrigued yet fearful of his powers. He enchanted his necklace, and began calling it the timedial. During the attack on the summer palace, he was forced down and almost killed by an skywing. He used his timedial, pausing time, to escape. The only one (once time resumed) who noticed that Abalone Has disappeared in a split second, was the skywing who held him down, who was killed moments later.

Another time he used the timedial was when he was exiled from the tribe, for working with some talons of peace. Honestly, he didn't know Riptide was with the talons of peace. so when he was faraway, Abalone reversed time to deny Riptide's request for help, therefore never being exiled.

Since Anemone likely dies in Talons of Power, Abalone witnesses her death and his heart gets broken.

Before Anemone went to Jade Mountain Academy, Anemone last words to Abalone were, "Find it in our area."

More info will be added.

* I will allow Abalone to be used in other fanfics. All that I ask is you let me know in the comments before using him


"Do not talk about my family you monster! I killed my mom and got abandoned by my father!" -Abalone

*Angelfish (Mother)

*Kamen (Father)

*Whirlpool (unknown uncle)


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  • We're not so different, after all (protagonist)
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