Art Jada coloured by Wolves
Creator Sby +Epi!! design by TWH
Main Attribute Strong, angry
Elemental Attribute Poison
Theme Animal Tbd
Theme Color TBD
Theme Song Song -Singer
MBTI Personality MBTI-A/T (The 'Type)
Age tbd
Gender Male
Orientation Aro/ace
Occupation Gang Leader
Nicknames Eli, Ios (Ee-yos)
Tribe SandWing
Goal Tbd
Residence The Deathlands
Relatives Tbd, Corona (brother), Surya (Sister)
Allies Surya, Corona, his gang, SandWings
Enemies Every other tribe
Likes Tbd
Dislikes Tbd
Powers and abilities SandWing abilities
Weapons SandWing weapons, strong bite, obsidian knife
Ships None
Quote "Oh they’ll regret calling us the outcasts"


Hahahahaha you’re gonna die now

Build: Sturdy, ripped, with a tough aura. Big wings and sharp jawline. Completely SandWing, he’s not a hybrid, barb.

Colours: Buttery yellow mainscales from head to talons, as well as tail. The top of his head is grey-brown. Off-white underwings and underscales, as well as an auburn sail. Green eyes. Gold horns, talons, and barb.

Other: Sun marking on his wing membranes, scar on his cheek, leg, and underbelly. He also has an anklet and a necklace.


I suggest you leave my sister the hell alone

  • Tough
  • Violent
  • Likes fighting
  • A bit gullible
  • Mostly brawn and not brains


You can take it from here, sis


You actually wanna fight me?


You want us to lead? ...Oh


Stop being such snails!

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