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"I'm just your average dragon: a hybrid."

Usually plummeting down towards peaks or screeching as waves crash at her scales and cover her head, is Constellation. From a far distance, she appears to be a NightWing, with a skinny yet muscular build. As she turns her head, you notice one thing; IceWing features.

Constellation is extremely tall for a nine year old dragonet. She has dark purple scales, lighter than most of NightWings' usual black. Her brow, mixed with a paler purple and gray, is that of an IceWings', along with the gray horns and spines that run down her back. Constellation's underscales consist of a lavender-looking colour, and her neck scales, which have splotches of light purple that go down her back, are gray and blackish-purple.


"My body's will to live? Nonexistent."

For one, Constellation is different. She's cold and distant, only participating in activities when necessary. If you do decide to interact with her, she appears to be your usual standard IceWing (personality wise): snobby and rude. Even though she does act like this, deep inside, the hybrid is different.

Constellation is always curious. She always wonder what dragons are truly, always trying to dive into their personalities and figure out their every move. And at times, curiousness can get get over her, and Constellation sometimes interrupts dragons midsentence, though if always bothers them. At times, she hates her talent, and wished for something different instead of her body's wish to jump into a cavern and fall to her death while trying to swoop into the air.


"Ah, home sweet home. A freezing cold tundra."

The sky glistened with one crescent moon. A NightWing named Futurechanger scurried across the icy tundras, nearly freezing to death, to see his lover, Lemming, after receiving a note that their two eggs had hatched in their new modern world.

When he arrived, Lemming pushed him inside and led him to the eggshells. He was surprised by how beautiful the eggshells looked with the shades of purples and blacks, and when he turned his head, he spotted Constellation and her sisters, his newly hatched dragonets.

Constellation had a fairly normal dragonethood. She was born in a modern world, with technology, just now being created, with ultimate talents as well. But there was one thing odd about her, and it was how she always risked her life or did something daring, but it was just to impress her father, Futurechanger, who was rarely home due to his job.

She continued doing this, ignoring her mother's warning, until she heard in the news about Jade Mountain Academy. Constellation was amazed; she wanted to have an Ultimate Talent as well. After a few months of receiving the letter, the hybrid earned a title: "The Ultimate Daredevil."

Just a few days later, she received a letter from Monokuma, the headmaster at Jade Mountain Academy, that requested her to join the school. She accepted, and now is awaiting the day Lemming takes her there.


"Whether it's a boy or girl, I don't care. They're both equally cute in a way."

Her Family

Constellation enjoyed their company greatly. When her father would come home, read them bedtime stories when little or tuck them in, she'd always feel happy, even if her siblings were annoying.


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