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 ! M A G I C A L !
Background Information
Creator 🦌
Theme Song Devil Town - Cavetown
Character Information
Tribe Skywings (Extremely distantly SeaWing)
Gender Male
Age 5 Years
Orientation Gay
Occupation Gardener/Animal Caretaker & Babysitter
Residence Possibility
Relatives wip sksksk
Injuries small scar on tail
Love Interest{s} wip,.,..

🦌's pyrrhian sona! don't edit without permission please- i'll fix grammar/spelling mistakes on my own :^)

finished but I will update it with things like more detailed backstories or to flesh things out more but he's basically all done for the basic stuff


Conjure is a mostly orange Skywing. Despite his distant Seawing heritage his anatomy is purely that of a skywing. From large wings, to their slender and powerful build. He, also, has a slight box snout. He inherited it from his Grandfather.

His only Seawing-esque feature is his bright teal eyes. From a first glance, it'd seem like he had firescales! But, he either sadly or gratefully, does not.

His underscales are a light yellow, as well as some scales near the corner of his face and upper neck. His wing membranes are the same beautiful yellow colour.


Like most Skywings, Conjure is quite adaptable, creative, and clever as proven once Ruby became queen. Although, he does have his own special qualities.

(going into a list because I can't write out personalities)

-Lacks realistic goals, and becomes quite disappointed when he cannot fulfill it.

-Goes off instinct, causing to him not have a filter on what he says.

-Neither leader nor follower. Usually goes between both the roles.

-Frequently has mood swings

-Caring about those who are close to him

-Somewhat stubborn, even after Scarlets rule.

Short history

Revamping backstory in the form of a PMV, will be done within a week at the least

feel free to ask for an oc here and what she/her/them would think of Conjure and how they met


- I'd think he'd have a slight German accent. Yknow, because I like German accents.

- Because he looks kinda feminine I'd assume people misgender him due to his looks.

- But his voice sounds male so they'd get really confused lmao

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